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The New Janet's Art Corner Blog | 6/24/2017

Janet's Art Corner Blog


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I have had this blog for 2 years now but I haven't really found a right direction for it. When I purchased the domain back in 2015, I had the intention to create a blog and just share my art on it. I created blog posts that had something to do with my art but also other art-related blog posts and even blog posts about how to make money with your art. However, I haven't been really satisfied with it and I have somehow started to neglect it until now. 

When it comes to blogging, you will always here that you should find a niche and don't create a blog that is broad because with a narrow niche you will find your target your audience much better than with a multi-topic blog. I mostly agree with it and I also have a niche blog but as a multipotentialite person it is so hard for me to focus on one niche only and I quickly lose interest and get bored. For this reason, I don't want to suppress my multi-passionate personality with this blog but make it as part of this blog. 

Don't worry. You won't see me write about totally unrelated topics like dancing, Paleo diet and scrapbooking. That would absolutely make no sense but apart from my creative work I will also share information about creativity, spirituality, self-development, multipotentiality and how to make money online with your creative work. I love these topics and I know I can write many blog posts about them without losing interest and getting bored. For me all of these topics are related to one another and they also reflect how I approach my creative work. I'm a spiritual creative because I'm committed to a spiritual life and I feel that creativity is an expression of the true self and is guided by a Higher Power, in my case it is God. Being creative is also a part of self-development and in my own experience creativity has changed and transformed my life for the better. Creativity has also helped me deal with my multipotentialty which is not easy sometimes because it doesn't always fit within a "normal" life. I have turned my creativity into a business. So I will write about all the mentioned topics that have their basis in creativity.

I haven't been really successful with blogging because I wanted to do the same as many others who choose only one niche and stick with it. It hasn't worked for me so far because that's not the real me. I'm a multipotentialite person and I think my blog should also reflect that.

So here I am again with my "new" blog and all facets of my multipotential personality.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and I hope you follow me along this new blog journey.

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