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From Frustrating 9 to 5 Jobs to Creative Mompreneur

Janet's Journal, Issue 1 | 4/6/2018


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Welcome to Janet's Journal, a personal journal where I share my experience and tips about being a creative mompreneur!


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)


I'm a mom. I'm creative. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm a so-called creative mompreneur.

However, it wasn't always like that.

About 3 years ago I was already a mom and I was creative but I wasn't an entrepreneur yet. Instead, I was working frustrating, nonchallenging and low-paid 9 to 5 jobs besides my role as a mom and wife. One day, I couldn't stand it anymore. I got seriously sick which was a big turning point in my life. Fortunately, I could recover from it. After that, everything changed and I wasn't willing to go back to a 9 to 5 job.

To find the bridge between my former and my current life, we have to go back to my childhood. 

Writing and publishing my own books has always been my dream since childhood. I remember a time when I started to write a little story about a girl that had red hair and experienced an unforgettable adventure. Instead of going outside, I sat at my parent’s old typewriter and typed letter for letter, word for word, sentence for sentence until I finished my first little book. Like all my other writings, this little book landed in the drawer and never got published. Over the years, I forgot about my dream because so many other things happened in my life and there was no place for even thinking about being an author.

During my recovery from my serious sickness in 2014, I rediscovered my childhood dreams and I decided it was time to publish my writing.

First I started to write on revenue sharing sites. These are sites where you write articles and get paid a percentage of the ad revenue they get from advertisers that place ads on the sites. The first site I joined was HubPages, then I joined other sites. Most of those sites closed, unfortunately.

For this reason, I looked for other writing opportunities and tried content mills. These are sites where you write articles for their clients and get paid per article. Most of the content mills will pay you a very low payment per article but it may be good for beginners or non-native English writers to get familiar with writing articles for clients before they consider freelance writing for clients.

I wrote a few articles for a content mill but finally gave up because I didn’t like to write articles about topics I didn’t like but had to choose because the clients demanded them and there weren’t many other topics available. Since the payment was also low, I thought it wasn’t worth it to invest my time in writing for content mills.

I have never considered freelance writing because I don’t like to write articles about topics that I can’t choose myself because the client chooses them and they want them at a certain deadline. That’s not my cup of tea. Apart from that, I'm not a native English speaker. I grew up with English from birth on because my mother talked in English with me before she was able to speak German with me which is my native language. Yet, English has only been my mother's second language (her native language is Cebuano) so both of us are not perfect in English.

So I continued to search for new writing opportunities and I stumbled upon self-publishing, a new and more popular way to publish your own book without the need of a traditional book publisher who does all the publishing process for you after you have finished your manuscript. As a self-publisher you have to do the publishing process completely on your own – from writing, creating the cover and design of your book to publishing, marketing and selling it. Of course, you can outsource some or all the steps but you would have to pay money for it which you wouldn't have to pay for going the traditional publishing route. I have gone with the self-publishing route though because it has been the easiest and fastest way to publish my own books and I know that if I had tried traditional publishing, none of my manuscripts would have been published.

I published my first Kindle book in 2015 and since then, I have published several more books in different forms (Kindle, e-book, PDF, paperback) and on different market platforms. My diving into the self-publishing world has opened more ways of making money online. Nowadays, I'm making money online from my self-published books, courses, from educational resources and printables, from digital designs and from blogging.

I don't earn a full-time income yet. For this reason, I also have a flexible part-time teaching job. Something big has changed, however. I'm not depending on working frustrating 9 to 5 jobs anymore because of my growing online business. I'm confident that my online business will earn me a full-time income in the near future. 

3 years ago I was a frustrated mom because I couldn't spend a lot of time with my husband and children.

Today I'm a happy mom because I have an online business and can work from home. Due to my flexible schedule, I have a lot of time for my husband and children.

3 years ago I hardly had any time for being creative.

Today every day is a creative day.

3 years ago I was working frustrating 9 to 5 jobs outside of the home.

Today I'm working happily online from home as an entrepreneur.

In short, I'm a happy creative mompreneur and wife.

My deep faith in God has helped on my journey and has made everything possible. 



Thank you so much for reading this blog post.


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