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How To Make Money Online As A Creative Person

Ways of Making Money Online As A Creative Person | 6/27/2017

make money online as a creative person


The following page contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you purchase something through my affiliate links.

Nowadays, it has become much easier to make money as a creative person because you may reach many more people through the Internet. 

There are many ways you can make money if you are a creative person. I want to give you some examples. This is just an introductory post. I will give you more information about each of the topics in my future posts.


1. Be a writer

You can make money writing whether as a freelance writer where you write content for customers, as a blogger where you write your own blog or write on other people’s blog or as a (self-published) fiction or non-fiction author…


I'm making money as a blogger and self-published author. Apart from Janet's Art Corner I also run Educational Printables, a blog where I share free and premium educational printables. I have been self-publishing non-fiction books since 2015. Visit my shop to learn more about the books I have published.



2. Sell your arts and crafts

If you can draw, paint or any other kind of art, you can sell your art to people. The Internet has made it much easier to sell any kind of art. You can sell original art or art prints on Etsy or ArtPal. Many people are also selling custom gifts with their artwork on Zazzle, Redbubble or Society6. 


I sell my artwork on Etsy, CraftsuprintRedbubble and Society6



3. Sell educational resources

If you are an educator, then you can sell your educational resources to other educators, homeschoolers and parents online. 


As an educator I have created many educational resources. I sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers, Teacher's Notebook, TES and Educents.



4. Create and sell online courses

This is a great trend right now apart from selling self-published books. Many people are earning a great passive income from selling courses online on sites like Udemy, Teachable and Thinkific.


I have created a free blogging course at Zenler.


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make money online as a creative person




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More Blog Entries

Want to create a blog like mine?


create your own blog


Step By Step To Your Own Blog


Step 1: 

Purchase webhosting and domain. For your blog to be accessible on the Internet, you need webhosting and a domain. Webhosting is the home of your blog and the domain is the address of your blog. You can purchase webhosting and domain within the same company but I recommend to purchase webhosting and domain name with different companies. If you need to change your webhost  for any reasons, it's easier to move your domain to your new webhost. 

I host my blogs at InterServer and purchase my domain names at Namecheap. What I love about InterServer is the option to pay monthly for webhosting instead of paying for years in advance. I pay 5$ per month for my webhosting at InterServer and about $10 to $13 per year for each of my domains. InterServer has a very great customer service. Whenever I have had an issue, I  have contacted them and they have answered immediately and have always been very helpful and solved my issue. 


InterServer Web Hosting and


Another great webhosting provider is Siteground. It is especially recommended if you want to host a WordPress blog.


Web Hosting


Step 2: 

Now you need to install a blogging/content management software or website builder on your webhosting server depending on the type of site you want. Most people recommend WordPress because it is the most flexible content management software and it has many features. However, there is a learning curve with using WordPress and it has a weak point - it can be hacked easily due to the MYSQL database. For this reason, you need to be very careful and invest in a good security. Personally, I don't use WordPress because I prefer a content management system that is not so complex and vulnerable. I use a so called flat-file content management software called Typesetter that has no MYSQL database. It stores data in files that are organized in folders instead. It has a similar user interface but it is way more simple than WordPress. I find it's enough for my purposes. If you want to use WordPress or any other CMS, most webhost provider offer an easy one-click installation for WordPress and many other CMS. Just follow the instructions of your webhosting provider to install WordPress or your preferred CMS. 

Step 3: 

Once you have created the framework of your blog, it's time to fill it with content. Though you could find many information about blog content creation online for free, I recommend the Pajama Affiliates courses  from Robin Cockrell and Lesley Stevens since they are affordable and include a free live support in their Facebook group. After purchasing any of their courses, you are not left alone but get help whenever you need it. No other Affiliate Marketing classes offer that kind of expertise and group coaching like the Pajama Affiliates do!


Pajama Affiliates courses


My recommended tool for creating beautiful product displays


Easy Product Displays for Amazon and Zazzle Affiliates





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