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benefits of doodling

Coloring is very popular these days and is said to have many benefits but there is one creative activity that doesn't require many supplies and also has many benefits. It's doodling.

1. Doodling improves your memory. 

Studies have shown that people who doodle may recall facts considerably better than non-doodlers. In 2009, Professor Jackie Andrade conducted a study where participants were asked to listen to a rather dull message about a birthday party and then to write down the names of all the people coming to the party. Half of the participants were asked to shade printed shapes while listening to the message. The results were amazing. The doodlers performed much better on the task and were able to recall 29% more information than the non-doodling group.


2. Doodling helps improve your attention and focus better. 

People often put doodling on a level with daydreaming, but in fact, daydreaming demands a lot of the brain’s processing power because you start to think about one thing and you end up thinking about several things. You actually get distracted and use a lot of your brain’s executive functioning. Doodling, however, helps you stay more focused and pay attention because when you doodle, you don’t daydream and thus save your brain's executive functioning for the really important things.

3. Doodling makes you feel good and relieves your stress. 

We tend to develop nervous habits like twirling our hair, biting our nails, nibbling on the ends of our pens and pencils … when we are stressed. Some of these weird habits may calm us down, but they don’t really make us feel better, some are even not good for our health. This is where doodling may help. Why not try to replace your nervous habits with doodling when you feel stressed? You will immediately notice the difference because you will feel better, have fun, feel relaxed and stress relieved.

4. Doodling can help you get unstuck and unlock your creativity. 

Every now and then, you may get stuck, run out of ideas or have a creative block. While there may be a lot of other ways to get unstuck and to unlock your creativity, doodling is the easiest one. Just take a piece of paper, some pens or pencils and start right away. It will surely help you get unstuck, give you more ideas and unlock your creativity.

5. Doodling requires no thinking, but it helps your brain working. 

Since doodling is a mindless and easy activity, it gives your brain time to work and think. You needn’t make your doodles look perfect or beautiful, just go with the flow of your hand moving. 

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benefits of doodling

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