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Apart from coloring I also love doodling. What is doodling?

Doodling can be described as drawing, sketching or scribbling idly, especially while you are doing something else like talking on the phone. You likely have doodled in your life. Children are doodling before they learn to draw.

While doodling was a mindless activity in the past, it has now become a real art. The good thing about it, however, is that you don't need to be an artist to doodle because everyone can doodle. Just take a pencil or pen and fill the paper with different forms, patterns and/or designs.

And did you know that doodling has many benefits? It is said to improve your memory and it also has a relaxing and stress-relieving effect on us.

What I like about doodling is, that it doesn't need to be perfect. I just do it intuitively. It really helps me to boost my creativity for my other creative projects like my mixed media art and writing ebooks.

Did you know that many famous people used to doodle or still doodle like most American Presidents including George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Other famous doodlers were/are Mark Twain, Leonardo da Vinci, and Bill Gates.

So if you are doodling, you are in good company.

Now take a piece of paper and start doodling. Just let it flow. It's a good way to relax and have fun.

In my upcoming posts, I will give you more information about doodling.

You can find more information about doodling in my Kindle book "Doodle Inspiration: Learn How To Doodle". The book also contains doodle prompts for creating your own doodles. 

  Doodle Inspiration: Learn How To Doodle   Doodle Inspiration: Learn How To Doodle

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